impact with story

When was the last time a story burrowed into your soul?

Resonating so deeply that it left you turning over words, phrases, and ideas in your mind days, months, even years later? Perspectives that altered your own outlook, personality, and actions; leaving you changed. Forever. More importantly: When did you last share such an affecting piece with your audience?



Story is what keeps us. Holds our attention. Inspires the imagination. Possibility. Connection. In the simplest of details, you have the ability to change your resonance.



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Where we've been, where we're going, and who we become along the way.

How, then, can we approach story in such a way that pushes us beyond limitations? Past the fringed space of self into creative dreamscapes revealing untold possibility.

What narratives can we share to disrupt belief? What can we say to awaken the uninspired or clarify promise for the doubters?

This is my obsession: Finding unshakeable words.


Continuously spinning words about valuable ideas takes work. Let alone doing it in a way that matters. That makes an impact. Especially with so much static flooding the space. Trying to connect can feel daunting and sometimes pointless.

There’s just an impossible amount of considerations at every turn. Audience objectives and needs, personas, voices, angles, archetypes, styles, topics, story journeys, leading threads, campaign development, editorial calendars.

 The list surges (and more often than not, overwhelms).

Oh, but in those masterful moments when they finally do sync in such a way that feels like magic is the only explanation, the power shapes minds.  



Much of my work revolves around collaborating with and writing about extraordinary individuals, businesses, and organizations who champion growth and the pursuit of excellence. 

Those committed to empowering others by sharing stories that educate, entertain, and inspire. Either with specific projects or as an overarching focus.

Whether in the board room or scaling Everest, I’m curious about what drives people, how you overcome challenges, and what lessons and stories you have for the rest of us.

  • storytelling – 90%
  • brand storytelling – 80%
  • copywriting – 85%
  • ghostwriting – 70%
  • editing – 85%
  • journalism – 90%
  • content strategy – 85%
  • marketing strategy and execution – 80%


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don’t take my word for it
Jaylyn is an awesome writer/editor. She works tirelessly to get the job completed. She is very goal-oriented and ensures that the product that is delivered is in its highest quality.
Bill DeSteph

Senator, Virginia

I have had the professional pleasure of collaborating with Jaylyn on a number of projects over the past two years. What I value above all else is Jaylyn’s willingness to go down the proverbial rabbit hole required for transformational messaging, and her innate ability to expose opportunity for brands through listening that only occurs at a frequency not often recognized by most. Jaylyn, in my estimation, is a jazz musician who understands the rhythm and pace of the clients she works with and converts her understanding into powerful and thoughtful pieces of content and brand messages that have a beating heart, all the while providing an enjoyable client-provider experience. I highly recommend Jaylyn for projects and companies that want to breathe meaning into their overall market strategy.
Dr. Rod Berger

Contributor to Forbes, Newsweek, Parents, and Entrepreneur magazines

Jaylyn is a tremendous asset to our team–super flexible, can quickly get up to speed on a new project, incredible work ethic, never misses deadlines, and an amazing work product!
Tony Vespa

CEO, The Vespa Group

Jaylyn’s work copyediting educational content written by multiple authors for a major college textbook publisher was top-notch. She conscientiously sought feedback and hit her deadlines. We will hire her again.
David Dietz

Project Manager, O'Donnell Learn (Macmillan Publishing project)

Jaylyn is an amazing copywriter, who can quickly and easily assess our needs, often asking the questions we had not considered. When given a project’s parameters, she dives in and immerses herself in research to make sure she is on point, no matter the topic. From B2B to B2C, we can count on Jaylyn to write exactly what we need on time and on budget.
Ian Weir

Account Manager, The Harmon Group


Over a decade of experience as a marketing & PR director, editor, journalist, copywriter, and a lifelong creative fiction/nonfiction writer with a penchant for psychology. Combining such unique perspectives allows me to consider a project from multiple angles, requirements, and objectives.

Thus, ultimately producing polished work with greater efficacy. And style.

How can you help ensure the successful production, marketing, and distribution of a new podcast?

How can you help a successful thought leader revive life and audience interest in the flagship self-help course?
How can you help a successful  organization reconsider its brand story, market presentation, and storytelling efforts?

About Jaylyn

lover of craft

Hey,I’m Jaylyn

A conceptual storyteller,i love writing about human potential and the factors that drive it.

Think business, education, personal development, tech,

adventure travel, and health & fitness.

Sometimes for businesses. Sometimes for books and magazines. Sometimes just because.

I’ve been helping clients find the right story and strategy as a marketing consultant and writer for over 15 years. In addition to senior copywriter at several marketing agencies, I’ve also served as the editor and PR/marketing director for a Fortune 500 company. Working as a nationally published journalist, professional editor, and content writer has afforded me the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with organizations that include REI, Macmillan Publishing, Sony PlayStation, AstraZeneca, Home Depot, Omni Hotels, United Airlines, Cordova, Johns Hopkins University, University of Oklahoma, Vital Plan, Champions, KinderCare Learning Centers, CareHere!, and many more. Other pieces have been published in a number of magazines. Forbes, Newsweek, The Writer, Profile, Sync, Rugby, Nashville Arts and Entertainment, and Longweekends, to name a few.  

Interested in the professional journey?
That began with 3 years of 80-hour work weeks and 27-hour, Top Secret edits that crammed acronyms and grammar into my brain. Recognizing that the lack of creative expression had consumed my soul (how many comma splices can you find before you become the Tin Man?), I returned to PR and learned marketing in my spare time. Eventually, turning that into a marketing/PR director position at a Fortune 500.

At the same time, I started freelancing on the side and working for several startups in directorial positions, learning business from the inside out. I also stepped into a few senior copywriting and marketing manager positions at ad/marketing agencies; ramping up my understanding of the different marketing approaches and considerations. Not to mention an increased appreciation for the power and influence of words on the human mind. 

Underneath it all–the avalanche of marketing collateral, numerous clients and industries, best practices from mentors and guides–my sheer need to write.

In the beginning that meant about anything. Spec ops desert military tactics. Sapphire rings you could pawn for a small yacht. Organic clothing.

Today, I prefer to write about the areas that matter most to me. 

Curious about the early years?
Want to hear about the first book I made when I was six? The hours reading under the covers with a flashlight. Scribing poetry into late evenings and calculus margins (Sorry Ms. S). Countless articles, poems, and stories for every contest and school paper from middle school through college.

What about the backdrops where my love of words crystalized?

Where they found personality (and one likes to hope, idiosyncrasy.) Nights at open mics, roommate band practices, hanging out backstage at Electric Factory gigs with exceptional artists, writing down the scene until my wrist gave out.

Years working on novels.

don’t be shy. reach out.