From Drags to Crags: How the Outdoors Saved Conall Ó Fiannachta’s Life

It’s hard to picture Conall Ó Fiannachta snorting lines and shattering pub windows with his forehead. Nothing about the rock climber’s demeanor registers drug addict. Boy Scout, however, easily comes to mind.

Please Try to Understand the Color of the Stars

What determines quality of life and are we inadvertently sabotaging ours?

Why the World Isn’t One Giant Hell Fire

I’m sitting in a dentist’s office in Ireland, because crowns and caramel can’t get along.


If you’re like most writers I know–bestsellers, professionals, and the aspiring–this craft plunges you into a love-hate relationship that can test your intestinal fortitude with every word. A challenge and necessity that’s pretty much defined my entire life. 

Let’s navigate the struggle, the growth, and the beauty together.  🙂