Something happens when you leave the familiar behind and head into the unknown.

You discover new edges, unknown facets of being. Somewhere along the way—in between exotic foods and foreign customs—you escape the myopia in which you’ve been held. After witnessing other landscapes and lifestyles, the abundance of possibility takes tangible shape.

Free from the forms of a life that no longer serves, you have the opportunity to choose your existence for yourself. 



Technology plays a significant role in my time living abroad and exploring the world.

So often, my mind wanders to thoughts of adventurers who came before. Namely, how did they do it? What did that look like? How different were their perceptions and lessons? Even just ten or fifteen years ago, let alone a hundred. 

Today’s capabilities—everything from drones to smart phones—enrich our experiences in a way we never could have predicted. Opening doors to worlds we never knew existed and capturing memories so we’ll never forget. 

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