Education & Personal Growth


With endless curiosity, creativity, and ability to make everything fun, children transform how we see the world.                  How we come to it.

As a former day care and special education teacher, as well as children’s book series author, one of my great loves has been giving growing minds the resources to increase that expansion. What an amazing gift to witness their discoveries and release their genius.

Such unmeasurable potential deserves the support and freedom to run. 


Self-betterment doesn’t end after high school or college. At least it doesn’t have to.

Constant striving beyond yesterday’s limitations, behaviors, and missteps takes real work and commitment to yourself. However, the reward for such efforts always outweighs the price paid and pain endured.

Growth happens in the discomfort, leaving us stronger and more capable to capitalize on today’s opportunities.

Sometimes the process takes longer than expected. Sometimes we get lost or veer off track. But, whenever you return to reaching for higher standards, you learn the payout from never settling has no limits.