Step past the threshold of grayscale, flatlining copy into a world of color.

Where passion drives characters and emboldens storylines.

Where words generate waves of forward movement. Progress.

This is where you’ll find your Impact.

In the space of story.

From here,

inside the blank canvas,

we’ll breathe imagination into your journey…




Dreaming of who you are and for what you stand

Stepping back and taking in the entire picture of your overarching narrative.

Then, with greater perspective, laying down a foundation of greater reach and resonance.

Word by word.

With every conversation, perpetuating the adventure further into your storyworld.


For over 10 years, I’ve leveraged my unhinged creativity and penchant for strategy in various marketing director positions (including a Fortune 500).

Essentially, this means I not only understand the power of words, but how to maximize their potency.


Whether you’re releasing your first book or launching a national, transmedia campaign for an adventure travel company, the first step is the same.

Nail your story.

Then devise cohesion and continuity.

That’s what this stage is all about.

Some people rush in and start writing articles and landing pages, before thinking about how every paragraph contributes to their greater story (and it does). While that can work, the most powerful voices stand on carefully designed platforms.

Those born from great consideration and clarity.

Let’s explore who you are, your audience, your stories with the maximum reverberation, and how best to share.

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  • Storyworld building: (and all the details that define the culture, voice, mission, challenges, hero journey, characters, setting, myths, artifacts, aesthetic, contributing archetypes, objectives)
  • Buyer personas and journeys
  • Buyer empathy maps
  • Transmedia user journeys
  • Editorial content campaigns
  • Transmedia campaigns
  • Story mapping
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Others not listed


Where is your intensity?

How far have you pushed creativity?

What are the limits of your dedication?

These are the agents of persuasion.

be worthy of ATTENTION

With every line, draw them closer, deeper. Fascinate with extraordinary personalities and unfamiliar cultures. Tell them about the battles lost and victories celebrated.

What did you learn along the way? Who have you become as a result? What do you care about?

Share anecdotes that teach, that incite laughter, that inspire action.

Tell the stories that need to be told, that someone’s been waiting their entire life to hear.

words at work
  • I wrote, designed, and directed the illustration of 15 books for a children’s series, which has been downloaded over 25,000 times (and counting) .
when writing...

This might as well be called the Project Development, Research, Plan, Think, Write, Edit, and Proof Phase.

But that seems a bit mouthy.

Either way, this is where we put words to paper. 


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  • – Articles and posts
  • – Books: Children’s, coaching, ghostwriting, reviewing, writing (fiction and nonfiction)
  • – Ebooks and thought-leadership content: Books, courses, workbooks, social, etc.
  • – Corporate comms and marketing collateral: Name it
  • – Editing: Grammar and content



Meet your people where they are.

What are they talking about?

Where is their focus?

 In what ways could their lives be improved?

 What do they need?  


Listen, be respectful.

Later, when you come bearing answers, blow their minds by giving more than expected.


Start with A Successful Track Record

For one of my adventure sport clients, we developed an email campaign yielding an unheard of 96% click-through rate and 50% response rate in just a 24-hour period. Needless to say, we were pretty stoked about the passionate feedback. 


This is where you move out from behind your work and into conversations.

Circulate. Work the party.

And if there isn’t one, start your own.

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  • – Social media posts
  • – Internal comms
  • – Transmedia campaigns
  • – Email and newsletter funnels: Landing pages, lead generation pieces, etc.
  • – Media comms: campaigns, press releases, contact databases, etc.

love is work made visible – gibran 

more happy people

“Jaylyn is excellent! Prompt professional and is open to and encourages feedback to ensure that she delivers exactly what you want!!”

Duke McKenzie

CEO, re6l

“In a world of subcontractors that show up only enough to get the job done, Jaylyn brought herself fully to the project. Very thankful for the intensity and passion with which she showed up.”

Ty Ward

Owner, Ty Ward

“Jaylyn was great on everything. Will definitely work with her again!”

Patrick Hayden

CEO, Brightfield Group

“Jaylyn has the ability to generate ideas and content of great quality. She is creative, timely, and fun to work with.”

Jack Richards

Owner, American Survival Scouts